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The Stafford Air & Space Museum's Lunar Module Simulator has been 50+ years in the works! Needless to say, Max Ary (museum director) had a vision of this simulator long before the technology existed to execute such an incredible exhibit. It's the only one like it in existence and you can see it right here at the Stafford Air & Space Museum.


What makes this Lunar Modular Simulator so special?


It took a year to gather digitally enhanced footage from all 6 landings and liftoffs. An enormous amount of time was spent putting this footage into a cockpit that is accurate in detail and lighting. The simulator is interactive, including some controls, and indicator lights come on at specific times in the 'flight'. The actual communication between Mission Control and the astronauts can be heard and the transcript can be read on the screen. On that same screen, the viewer can watch a high definition recreation of the lunar module, provided by NASA, coming down toward the lunar surface or lifting off of it. As communication is being spoken, the viewer is able to see where the Lunar Module is located at each point in the conversation. It allows viewers to see, within a foot or two, exactly where the astronauts landed on the lunar surface. But the icing on the cake to this experience is the view from the Lunar Module windows! Each flight projects actual space footage from each of the landings and liftoffs as the astronauts would see it from the Lunar Module windows. This is an exhibit like no other! 

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