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Photo of Max Ary - Museum Director

Max Ary

Photo of Teresa Schoonmaker - Director of Operations

Teresa Schoonmaker

Operations Director


Tanner Hankins

If you have questions or concerns, contact any member of our staff and we will do our very best to take care of you. 

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If you are selected you'll get money for school and be guaranteed part-time job at the Stafford Air & Space Museum. 

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Our Current Stafford Scholars

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In Their Own Words...

Becoming a Stafford Scholar has been a valuable and rewarding experience. It has allowed me to expand and sharpen my skills as a fabricator as well as improve my abilities by solving complex problems. It is truly inspiring to be apart of such a great team! 

—  Stafford Scholar, 

Colton P.

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In Their Own Words...

SASM is one of the places where I've learned a lot. It gives me the opportunity to communicate with different people from different backgrounds. It gives me the chance to show my skills and teach others what I know. I also get inspired more to chase my dream due to the number of people I've met here. All in all it is a platform that helps college students grow and get ready for the real world.

—  Stafford Scholar, 

Henry A.


In Their Own Words...

Being a Stafford Scholar has been such a great experience for me! We get the opportunity to work closely with rare artifacts and even after working here so long, I still manage to learn something new almost every day. General Stafford is such an inspiration and it really has been an honor working at a museum based around such an outstanding man! 

—  Stafford Scholar, 

Meghan J.

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