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Look Who's Talking About Us!

Mountain Beaches made a trip to the museum and had a "BLAST!"

Norm and Kim are two YouTubers who love RV living. They have a channel called Mountain Beaches. They have over 18,000 followers to date. Their adventure through the museum begins at 8 minutes and 13 seconds. They were so impressed with General Stafford and all of his accomplishments. It was so fun to watch them enjoy the artifacts too!

Hoosier Boo came for a visit too!

Hoosier Boo is a YouTuber who make videos showcasing museums, roadside attractions, national/state parks, amusement parks and much more. He has over 10,000 followers and he chose to visit us! 

"This is a surprisingly awesome and high-quality air and space museum with incredible artifacts!" - Hoosier Boo


See what's happening at the museum!


We have events going on all through the year! Feel free to sign up for camps, blood drives, or special events. We will keep you posted on any upcoming activities for kids or adults. Get on our email list to learn even more.


Full-scale replica of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module featuring Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong.


Fantastic Museum of Human Accomplishment!

"As a space buff from the time I was a kid, this place is second only to visiting Canaveral in Florida. We only had about 1/2-hour to breeze through before closing. I could have used half-a-day. Excellent exhibits, model work, stories preserved in placards, actual hardware and info about Gen. Stafford himself kept me captivated. If the subject interests you, make sure you allow the TIME to see everything!"

June 2021 TripAdvisor Member Review
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