Coming to the museum in October:
The Yankee Lady B-17 "Flying Fortress"

Tickets to ride are available for October 18th-20th.
Seats are limited so book your flight today!

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Unexpected amazing museum, larger than expected!

"What an unexpected gem of a museum in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Not only does the museum include lots of displays and information about the museum's namesake, astronaut Thomas Stafford, it has lots of original displays about flight, the history of flight and the space program in general. If you have any interest in aviation at all, this is worth a visit, even if you need to go out of your way to get here. If you happen to be on Interstate 40 traveling through Weatherford, it is a must see in my opinion."

- Trip Advisor Traveler, dgbinpc 



The Stafford Air & Space Museum is named in honor of Weatherford native and legendary test pilot and astronaut, Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford. The museum is considered one of the finest and most comprehensive air and space museums in the central United States and encompasses 63,000 sq. ft. of exhibits under one roof!


The museum is located along Route 66 at I-40 and Exit 84 in Weatherford, and welcomes visitors seven days a week, 361 days a year.

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The museum has worked closely with the Smithsonian Institution, NASA, and the U.S. Air Force Museum to assemble on the finest collections of aerospace artifacts in the central United States. It houses over an acre of exhibits under one roof and showcases thousands of items representing the evolution of aviation and spaceflight.

Weatherford native, legendary test pilot, and astronaut

Full-scale replicas of the Wright flyer, Bleriot, Bell X-1 and Spirit of St. Louis


One of the most impressive collections of rocket engines in the world


Ten-story Titan II rocket, actual space suits – including Stafford’s flown Apollo 10 pressure suit, and flown Gemini VI spacecraft


Flown segment of a Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster you can walk through


Aircraft displays include actual F-86, F-104, T-33, T-38, F-16, a rare MIG-21, and an A-10 Warthog



  • Bedlam Blood Driver Battle
    Bedlam Blood Driver Battle
    Sep 30, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
    Weatherford, 3000 Logan Rd, Weatherford, OK 73096, USA
    All Donors receive their choice of OSU or OU T-Shirt. Call 877-340-8777 or go to to register.
  • The B-17 Yankee Lady is coming to town!
    The B-17 Yankee Lady is coming to town!
    Oct 18, 5:00 PM – Oct 20, 10:00 AM
    Weatherford, 3000 Logan Rd, Weatherford, OK 73096, USA
    Let the rumble of this aircraft take you back in time and experience a feeling of power that few can claim.
  • POSTPONED: Wings Over Weatherford 2022
    POSTPONED: Wings Over Weatherford 2022
    Stafford Air & Space Museum
    Sep 17, 2022, 8:00 AM
    Stafford Air & Space Museum, 3000 Logan Rd, Weatherford, OK 73096, USA
    Wings Over Weatherford will return in 2022! Due to 2021 construction of the Weatherford Airport Terminal, WOW is postponed until 2022. The event will feature Warbird fly-in, historic aircraft rides, kids zone, museum entry, food trucks, and entertainment. See you there!
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"World Class Museum"

"This was my second trip to Stafford Air & Space Museum. The collection of NASA items and exhibits is really amazing. You would expect some things from Gen. Stafford's missions, but there was so much more. If you live in Oklahoma or traveling through via I-40, you should plan a stop. They are in the process of expanding the museum, but no real impact on the current exhibits."

—  TripAdvisor traveler,