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Wings Over Weatherford

Updated: May 5, 2020

Stafford Air and Space Museum will be hosting the 3rd Annual Wings Over Weatherford, September 28th. The day will feature Warbird fly-in, historic aircraft rides, kids zone, museum entry, food trucks, and entertainment. It will be a family fun day.

Some of the Warbirds on display will include: TBM Avenger, Stearman, L-2, C-45, H34 Helicopter, P-51 Miss America, Marschetti S211, B-25 “Devil Dog”, C-47 “Boogie Baby”, 1941 Vlutee B-T-13, T-28 Trojan, Ercoupe, L-39, and Stafferwing.

You will be able to purchase rides in several of the Warbirds. Take a ride in “Devil Dog” B-25, TBM Avenger Commemorative Air Force MO Wing or a C-45 Cimarron Strip Wing. Ride in the B-25 is $425 per person or you can go to their website and purchase in advance for $395. The price for a once in a lifetime ride in the TBM Avenger is $895. You can ride in the cabin of the C-45 for $100 or b a Co-Pilot for $130. Tickets will be available for all rides Saturday, September 28th on site.

Make sure you mark it on your calendar and invite friends to attend!

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